We have combined over 20 years of experience in the employee benefits arena and providing brokerage services for employee benefits.  Our trusted partnership with SyNC Insurance Advisors will deliver the following benefits:

  • Full support during the annual renewal process including reviewing benefit utilization, plan designs, claims history, benefit platforms, and negotiating competitive insurance renewals.
  • Employee Hot-line for employees to call with questions or concerns related to health benefits
  • Change management services during plan roll-out  
  • Case Management Services for billing issues, co-pays, and benefit services
  • Claims monitoring through My Nurse Advocate program
  • Coordination of insurance benefits
  • Continual employer and employee advocate support

HealthcareconsultingBy combining our human resource benefits management and employee benefits underwriting experience we are able to provide you the level of expertise required to successfully navigate the complex and changing employee benefits arena.

With Vertical’s Health Consulting services you receive specialized expertise plus all the services above.  The services we offer are not traditionally offered by brokerage firms.  When you partner with our health benefits consulting team, we help you ask the tough questions to your insurance provider and we partner with you to develop a sustaining strategy for providing health benefits to your employees.

As your designated employer advocate, we will work with your insurance provider and broker to identify cost savings opportunities on your annual renewal.  We work for you, not the insurance carrier or your broker, we negotiate for you, and we advocate for your company and your employee’s best interest.

Vertical’s Health Benefits Consulting provides specialize consulting in the areas of healthcare claims management, plan design, underwriting, evaluating best value options, and supporting the business and employees through the changes related to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

We have have a licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Nurse on our staff with years of experience managing health insurance claims and working with employees one on one to address questions pertaining to health and ancillary benefit services.

Give us call today so we can start helping you through the confusing and complex health insurance market.