Human Resource Business

Vertical’s ADvanTaGe Consulting Services provides your company ready access to a team of experts who’s primarily focus is to mitigate risk and create competitive advantage opportunities for your business. We understand there are risk and opportunities in the business world. We have a team of professional consultants who are able to provide specialized consultant services in the areas of organizational design and development, labor law compliance, strategic planning, change management, healthcare benefits design and plan renewal support, leadership effectiveness, high performance teams, and human capital management.  All our consultants are accomplished professionals who have achieved success in their respective areas of practice.  We can move your people and business to higher levels of performance. Contact us to discuss how we can help create a competitive advantage for your business. 

ADvanTaGE Consulting Services include: 

  • On-Site and Webinar Training
  • Talent Management System Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Benefit Plan Design Review and Annual Renewal Negotiations
  • Pre-Litigation HR Case Review
    • Employment Related Case Reviews-Wrongful Termination Claims, Discrimination Charges, Unpaid Overtime, Hostile Work Environment, Sexual Harassment, ADA, Affirmative Action Audits,Wage and Hour, FMLA, Unemployment, Workers Compensation Claims, Non-Compete and Employee Agreements.
  • EEOC Position Response Statement Letters
  • Competitor and Cross Industry Recruiting Strategies
  • Unemployment Hearing Claims Representation
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Change Management
  • Succession Planning
  • 360 Degree Surveys
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Human Capital Management
  • Business Strategy Mapping
  • Strategic Planning
  • HRIS Enterprise Systems Integration Support
  • Sales Talent Development

Contact us to discuss how we can help lower your business risk and create a competitive advantage for your business.